About TOC H

Toc H is an international movement instigated by the Reverend Philip Thomas Byard Clayton as a way to perpetuate the Fellowship developed in Talbot House, a soldiers’ club run by him in Poperinge, Belgium from 1915-1918. Toc H members seek to ease the burdens of others through acts of service. They also promote reconciliation and work to bring disparate sections of society together. Historically the Toc H movement has been responsible for starting or collaborating in some of the most innovative forms of social service.

Toc H India, a wing of Toc H International, launched its activities in the country in the year 1975. Originally limited to helping the ailing and needy, the movement soon addressed the need for quality disciplined education. Over the years, Toc H has carried out a wide variety of service projects sans any profit motive.